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Take your podcast to the next level

 At Pod to the People we are passionate about high quality audio.

With ten years experience in the podcast world we know what it takes to help your podcast stand out in the  crowd, not just stand around.


Audio Enhancements: We don't expect you to be audio experts, that's our job! We take your raw files and make them loud and proud, add clarity and use just the right amount of compression to balance the overall volume levels of your podcast. 


Audio Editing: Everyone has their moments, we help them seem like they never happened. We edit out long pauses, drop outs, umms and stutters to your liking. Everyone has a different idea of how they want their podcast to flow, we work with you to make your audio vision come true.

Insert Music and Ads: Have an awesome theme song? We insert your music where you want it heard and crossfade it perfectly to make a smooth opening to your podcast, we can fade your music out at the end as well to create a more cohesive experience.

Got some advertisers? You must really be on top of it! We place your ads where you want or find natural places in your podcast to help your advertisers get heard.

And More... : Recording your Podcast over zoom or another online platform? In the last year we have become experts at taking raw audio and turning it into industry standard podcast goodness. We can even help record your podcast online and create a comfortable environment to get the very best performance from both guests and hosts.

 Just starting to Podcast? We can recommend the equipment for any budget to help get you going. 

 We have a professional composer on staff, lets make that theme song just for you.

Check out who we get have had the chance to work with

Allon Beausoleil / Founder, Lead Engineer

 Allon Beausoleil started in the podcast world while living in Tokyo where he was working with The Economist Podcast, after moving to Portland OR. he helped build The Startup Radio Network where he helped produce and edit at least 5 podcasts a week and the network has had over 6 million total streams since.

 He has a background in music composition and production and is the two time recipient of the Aaron Copland grant for music he composed for Off Broadway Theater in NYC.

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